Adoption is the process to provide a safe, loving home for newborns. Child and Family Services places newborns who have been safely given up to hospitals into potential adoptive homes.


Utah hospital

Parents or someone acting on the parent’s behalf, safely relinquishes a newborn at a hospital.

Anonymous information

Hospital staff may ask about the medical history of the newborn—any information provided will be anonymous. Fill out a form in advance here.

Legal custody

Utah Division of Child and Family Services assumes legal custody of the newborn as soon as the division is notified by the hospital.

Missing child

Utah Division of Child and Family Services will make sure the newborn has not been identified as a missing child.

Paternity registry

Utah Department of Health Office of Vital Records and Statistics will do a search within the Paternity Registry for unmarried biological fathers.


Utah Division of Child and Family Services will place the newborn into a potential adoptive home.

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