About - Utah Newborn Safe Haven


In May 2001, a state-wide law went into effect in Utah allowing birth parents to anonymously give up custody of their newborn child without facing any legal consequences.


  • - Any Utah hospital, open 24 hours, is designated as a “Safe Haven”  for newborns to be dropped off safely.

  • - The State Division of Child and Family Services (“DCFS”) assumes “legal custody” of the child as soon as the Division is contacted by the hospital (no more than 24 hours after the hospital’s receipt of the child).

  • - If an infant is left at a hospital, the mother remains anonymous and will not be reported to the police, investigated or criminally prosecuted.

  • - DCFS then places the child for an immediate adoption. For licensed adoption agencies in Utah, see the Utah Department of Human Service's Office of Licensing's Adoption Agencies page. To become a foster parent and adopt children, visit Utah Foster Care.

  • - Infants have already been saved under this procedure.

  • - Utah was among the first group of states to pass a safe relinquishment law. All U.S. states have passed such laws.

  • - Find local news stories about the Safe Haven law on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • - See the actual Law at: Utah Code Ann. Sec. 62A-4a-802.